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Welcome to the Rocky Lights Railroad Homepage. The Rocky Lights Railroad is a G Scale garden railroad and was started in 1999 by Jim Hunnicutt and Kevin Ylvisaker. It is located in Mukwonago , Wisconsin . Both Jim and Kevin are active members of the Wisconsin Garden Railway Society. The club also has a North Central Division.

Currently there is almost 850 feet of track on which five separate lines run. Four of the lines are continuous loop lines and the fifth is a point to point trolley line. The four main tracks are all controlled with the AristoCraft Train Engineer and the trolley line is controlled with a 10 amp MRC controller.

Fifteen tons of assorted rock make up the "Rocky" part of our railroad. Much of it is exposed as decorative elements and landscaping and the other is used as construction material. Kevin is the gardener and the railroad is planted with over five hundred miniature trees, ground covers and bulb stock. All plants are labeled for identification. There are five small "lakes" and two waterfalls in the layout as well.

Jim collects lighthouses and takes "lighthouse" vacations so this was a natural extension to incorporate his passion into the railroad. Ten working lighthouses make up the "Lights" part of our railroad. They are powered with low voltage power, solar power and battery power. Most are on the lakes but some just are placed around for show. Jim is also the woodworker in this venture and so far has completed over 250 feet of trestle, including an eight foot elevated curve and a raised European train station.

If you plan on visiting the Mukwonago area please feel free to email us with your dates. If we can work it out we would be happy to run a few trains during your stay.


Garden Railways Photo Shoot

Marc Horovitz editor of Garden Railways and Rene Schweitzer, assistant editor, spent a day in May to photograph the Rocky Lights Railroad. Our layout was featured in the December 2006 issue. Getting ready for his visit was somewhat frantic as we had thirteen days of rain in Wisconsin All the trees decided to drop seeds so we needed the help of our dear friend Cindy to "vacuum the layout. It took her four hours to get it ready to run!!! After it was all over Cindy and Jim took a much deserved rest.

Kevin, Marc & Jim




Jim & Cindy









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